The Advanced Learning Library Exceeds Campaign Goal!

The Wichita Public Library Foundation's Capital Campaign Committee is proud to announce it's successful completion of the Advanced Learning Capital Campaign.  The committee has exceeded its goal of $8,000,000 by raising $8.800,000 in charitable contributions to support the cost of the building's construction, the expansion of the building's footprint and providing funds to purchase technology and enhance the amenities of the library.

See the Wichita Eagle's, April 20, 2018 story below for more details.


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Artist's rendering of the Children's Pavilion.

Left: Research Pavilion floor plan. Right: Teenagers will have not just a place that doesn't exist at the old Central Library, but one with the space and technology to grow their minds and creativity.

To see the construction progress including a LIVE WEBCAM of the building site, check out the Library's webpage on the Advanced Learning Library.

Check out the first tour given from the construction site during February 2017's Topping Off Ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I donate?
A: You can find that information at our Give to the Central Library Campaign page.

Q: How does this new Library support the community?
A: This video explains why Wichita needs a new library.

Generous Contributions

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