Thank You To Our 2015 Donors

The Wichita Public Library Foundation and Wichita Public Library Board of Directors offer special thanks to each of the following individuals and organizations whose contributions helped to support the new central library campaign, Library collections and community services in 2015.

Gifts $10,000 and above

Don and Lora Barry
Eric and Debbie Larson
Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Wichita Community Foundation
Mary Eves
Mary Lynn and William L. Oliver
Lattner Family Foundation
Stephan and Ann Starch
National Endowment for the Arts
Professor John Hyde
City of Wichita
Jane McHugh
Celia and Leonard Levand Trust


$1,000 to $9,999

Friends of the Wichita Public Library
Tim Moore 
Mary Ellen Conlee 
John Reiff and Lorene Valentine
Kent and Marty Shawver 
Cynthia Berner
Steve Roberts
Judy Burgess 
Tom and Toni Simon
Eric and Debbie Larson
Kevin McWhorter 

Mary Eves
David and Barbara Rolph
Brian and Emily Docking
Robin Cabral
Leah Barnhard
Marge Zakoura-Vaughan
Kathy Wilson
Winona R. Ponder Trust


$100 to $999

Beverly Mershon
Michael Dwyer
Viswanathan Madhavan
Vikki Jo Stewart
Marcia Newton
Kerin Smith
Susan Estes 
Mark and Barbara Chamberlin 
Rosie and Bob Dool
Kellie Hogan
Treatha Foster
Carol Wilson
Janet Lister
Lois and David Crane
Roger and Nancy Sherwood
Lois Carr
April Reynolds
Jim and Sue Boots
Alvin D. Herrington
Joe and Trudy Miller
Jane Murphy
Carolyn and David Blakemore
Janet Miller and Nile Dillmore
Glenda Burkett
Diana Studebaker
Judith Simon
Shannon Littlejohn
Bill and Donna Ard
Gloria Flentje
Taryn Pierson
Stephen and Ann Starch
Gridley Family Foundation
Jayne Milburn

Eulalie Gee
Wichita Downtown Kiwanis Foundation
Larksfield Place
Derby Public Library
Dave and Diane Gestenslager
Byrne and Becky Vickers



Up to $99

Casey Meinhardt
Christy Pair
Helen Smith
Jane and John Rhoads
Robert Dill
Shannon Littlejohn
Carolyn Langenwalter
Jeanne Vance
Mim Hiesterman
Thomas Davis
Cindy Pfannenstiel
Linda Gilbow
Mrs. James Day
Susan Moeder
Susan Walker
Terri Moses
Janice Bosch
Denise Barnett
Frances Foster
Kay Blinn
Kellie Hogan
Vikki Jo Stewart
Larry Neff
Steven Overstreet
Diana Grubb
Fred Berry
Keri Myers
Marilyn Trust
Lila Seager
Jan Luth
Marian Ure
Mark Ross
Bob and Charlotte Friedman
Diana Palenz
Judy Gordon Eichhorn
Dwight and Patricia Oxley
Elizabeth Rusher
Janet Baird
Louise Josserand
Patricia Ashley
Rudolf Sauerwein
Ted Ayres
Y L Ho
Anne Mayle
Janet Wesselowski
Rhita Muci
Benjamin Blankley
Charles Ellis
Darrel Hart
Frederick Hansen
Lila Osborne
Lisa Vayda
Lu Ann Allen
Marth Bruce Fair
Mary Beth Ross
Mary Jo Ohlemeier
Paul Ailslieger
Paula Johnson
Ruth Ann Meyer
Sherri Lichtenberger


During 2015, the Foundation received memorial and tribute gifts recognizing the following individuals. We thank the families and friends who designated the Library Foundation as the recipient of such gifts.

In Fond Memory

Charles Patrick Neil

Billie and Tom McDavitt

Vee Gordon

Mary Eves
Leah Barnhard
Cynthia Berner

Zeina El Dani

Cynthia Berner

Hibbard Davis

Tom Davis and Joan Davis

Kendall R. Durst Memorial Endowment

Jayne Nichols

Edna Carol and Joseph Keys Memorial Endowment

Richard Keys

Edward V. Marnett

Michael and Jane Rachel

Sharon Miles

Steven Overstreet
Susan Addington
Marge Zakoura Vaughan
Kirsti Oberg
John Reiff
Kay Blinn
Delmar Klocke
Frances Foster
Anita Jones
Larry Neff
Kellie Hogan
Christine Kubik
Diana Grubb
Fred Berry
Keri Myers
Cynthia Berner
AFP-Greater Wichita Chapter
Jane C. McHugh
Teresa Rupp
Marilyn Trust
Baird Foundation
Caitlin Muret
Molly Fox
Paul Weiss
Lila Seager
Janeen Hughes
Wichita State University
Bill Bischoff
Don Barry
Jan Luth
Marian Ure
Fred Magnuson


Charles Patrick Neil

Billie and Tom McDavitt

Betty J. Conner

Cynthia Berner
Leah Barnhard


Dr. Thomas Austin Gallagher

Cynthia Berner
Leah Barnhard

Melissa "Missy" Whalen

Dennis London
Grant and Casey Meinhardt

Ronald J. LeJeune

Lisa LeJeune

Edwin C. Ross

Mary Beth Ross

In Honor of

Ruby Bonine

Janice Bosch

Seenu Madhavan

Ranjini and Viswanathan Madhavan
Leah Barnhard

Cynthia Berner

Metropolitan Baptist Church


Julie Sherwood

Nancy and Roger Sherwood

Dwayne and Sandy Schrag

Ted and Marcia Ayres

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