Thank You To Our 2014 Donors

The Wichita Public Library Foundation and Wichita Public Library Board of Directors offer special thanks to each of the following individuals and organizations whose contributions helped to support Library collections and community services in 2014.

Gifts $10,000 and above

Don and Lora Barry
City of Wichita
Celia and Leonard Levand Trust
National Endowment for the Arts

$1,000 to $9,999

Cynthia Berner
Mary Eves
Mary Ellen Conlee
Eric and Debbie Larson
Kevin and Sue McWhorter
Tim Moore
Kent and Marty Shawver
Tom and Toni Simon

$100 to $999

Wichita Community Foundation
Gridley Family Foundation
Ann and Stephen Starch
Carol Wilson
Professor John Hyde
Kansas Humanities Council
Margaret McKinney
Jaclyn and Joseph Cofield
Darrel and Joyce Hart
Lois and David Crane
Charles Ellis
Laura Farney
Sharon and Alan Fearey
Sarah Feiertag
Diane Gestenslager
Frederick Hansen
Christine Kubik
Lynn Stephan
Janet Wesselowski

Up to $99.00

Sandra and Roger Atherton
Susan Bentson
Jean Boyd
PEO Chapter DJ
Lynda Connell
Juanita Cox
Julie Crawford
Eleanor DeMoss
Judy Gordon and David Eichhorn
Wilbur and Marilyn Elsea
Yun Chen L. Ho
Carolyn Hopkins
Mary Manlove
Laura Nichols
Nancy Ogle
Claudia Blackburn
Robert Ciski
Molly Fox
Anne Mayle
Joe Miller
Rudolf and Doris Sauerwein
Catherine Schrepferman
Judy Simon
Maxine Ulrich
Soroptimist of Wichita, Inc.
Deanna and Dennis Zitterkopf
Susan Palacioz
Chris Taylor
Jean Wayne
Carol Jean Wescott
Mary Yeager
Charlotte and Bob Friedman
Florence Connor

During 2014, the Foundation received memorial and tribute gifts recognizing the following individuals. We thank the families and friends who designated the Library Foundation as the recipient of such gifts.

In Honor of

"My Wonderful Family"

Ilsa Wolfe

Barbara J. Stephens

Racine Zackula

Cynthia Berner

PEO Chapter EI

In Memory of

Kendal R. Durst Memorial Endowment

Jayne Nichols

Judith Hiss

Betty Nelson
Linda Oblander
Nancy Pitts

Shelia O'Brien

Racine Zackula

Martha Winter

Nina Gunter
Beverly Hoover
Barbara McCune
Denise Tipton

Randy Brown

Kellie Hogan
Leah Barnhard

Melissa "Missy" Whalen

Mary Kay and Daniel Blasi
Daniel Blick
Kathy Burford
Paul and Cheri Hogan
Robert Johnson
Thomas Kruse
Ann and William Maley
Greg and Suzanne Matthias
Martin and Janet McCormack
Rose Pace
Laura Roddy
Viola and George Schuckman
Jane and A.J. Schwartz
Trisha Spears
Susan and David Wagner
Margaret Whalen

Mary Lou Woods

Kanza Bank
Georgia Chandler

Leon Largent

Mitchell Lyda

Julia Wood

Jamie Hunt

Jerry F. Kinzy

Pamela Epp
Imogene Hitz
Nancy Howey
Brian Kinzy
Rick and Sherre Kozloff
Leola Lindahl
Patricia MacDonald
Danielle Mairn
Rubie and Patrick O'Connor
Suzie and Larry Peak
Marilyn and Herbert Shaffer
Molly Tatting
Michelle Waters

Howard Washington

Cynthia Berner

Gladys McAdam

Leah Barnhard
Cynthia Berner

Eric Van Doren

Ethelyne Callstrom
Mary Ann Chitwood
John Fitzpatrick
Martha Boyd Gregg
Don and Colleen Hammer
Kerry and Michael Pedigo
Jane Pearsons
Russell Poppe
Ann Poppe
Doris Ulhig

Elizabeth Servis

Ann and Stephen Starch

Edward Marnett

Jane and Michael Rachel

Edna Carol and Joseph Keys

Richard and Phyllis Keys

Deborah Bagby

Racine Zackula

Chuck Smith

Cynthia Berner
Craig and Cristen Smith

Charles Ray Hankins

Melinda and Jim Stenholm
Cynthia Berner
Leah Barnhard

Beverly Fowler

Kellie Hogan

Linda Ris

Cynthia Berner
Leah Barnhard

Betty J. Conner

Leah Barnhard
Cynthia Berner

Anita Frey

Bill Butterworth
Diana Kepferie
Claudia and Roger Kucharek
Kathy McCoy
Susan McFarren
Eva Henderson

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