Thank You To Our 2013 Donors

The Wichita Public Library Foundation and Wichita Public Library Board of Directors offer special thanks to each of the following individuals and organizations whose contributions helped to support Library collections and community services in 2013.

Gifts $10,000 and above

Don and Lora Barry
City of Wichita
Celia and Leonard Levand Trust
National Endowment for the Arts
Friends of the Wichita Public Library

$1,000 to $9,999

Kevin and Susan McWhorter
Mary Eves
John Hyde
Gloria McNew
Jeanne O'Malley


$100 to $999

Bob and kay Soltz
Buck and Gladys Alley
Charles Eby
Doug and Carolyn Pringle
Jane Murphy
Janet Wesselowski
Jayne Nichols
Joyce and Darrel Hart
Kent and Marty Shawver
Linda Paugh
Martha Housholder
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Miller
Nancy Ogle
Peggy Browning
Taryn Pierson
Judy Naylor
Bob and Rosie Dool
Donna and Bill Ard
John Reiff
Brian and Emily Docking
Eric and Debbie Larson
Stephen and Ann Starch
Tracy Hoover
William Bright

Barbara Jones

Up to $99

Gloria and Robert Dill
Florence Connor
Annabelle O'Neil
Deanne Alexander
Ginger Ellis
Iee Nee Yoon
Jean Boyd
Judith Gordon
Lynda Connell
Margaret Naylor
Roger and Sandra Atherton
Yun-Ching Ho
Anne Mayle
Carolyn Blakemore
J. R. and Rhita Muci
Nancy and Hillary Zarnow
Rudolf and Doris Sauerwein
Vikki Jo Stewart


During 2013, the Foundation received memorial and tribute gifts recognizing the following individuals. We thank the families and friends who designated the Library Foundation as the recipient of such gifts.

In Memory of

William Bleier

Cynthia Berner
Melinda and Jim Stenholm

Colleen Wooley

Wichita Professional Communicators

LuVerne Paine

Wichita Professional Communicators

Owen Neil O'Leary

Clare O'Leary-Siemer
Denise O'Leary-Siemer

F. G. Holl

Jacqueline Nagel

Marge Setter

Wichita Professional Communicators

Kelly B. Hayes

Racine Zackula

George Cross

Al Herrington

Dorothy Shetlar

Cynthia Berner

Carol and Joseph Keys

Richard and Phyllis Keys

Darrell Martin

Ashley Arnold
Leah Barnhard

Kendall R. Durst

Jayne Nichols

Frances Brinegar

Cynthia Berner

Russell Williams

Cynthia Berner

Elsie Naftzger

Leah Barnhard

Mary Celia Chamberlin

Wichita Public Library Foundation
Leah Barnhard
Mary Eves

Ruth Foster

Cynthia Berner

Ann Holmes Yarnell

Mark and Barbara Chamberlin

Agnes Keller

Judy and Larry Hatteberg

Betty Cohen

Paula and Wayne VanAndel

In Honor Of

Julie Linneman

Roger Sherwood

J. C. Chadwick

Kelly Edmister

Tracy Duncan

Jennifer Clark

Leo Jordan

Angela Diedrich

JoAnn Janzen

Ilsa Wolfe

Jim Chipman

Danny Milligan

Lois Ruby

Leah Barnhard

Senior Wednesday Programs

Sterling House

Glenn Kubina

Ginger Ellis

Wichita Public Library Foundation
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