Thank You To Our 2012 Donors

The Wichita Public Library Foundation and Wichita Public Library Board of Directors offer special thanks to each of the following individuals and organizations whose contributions helped to support Library collections and community services in 2012.

Gifts $10,000 and above

City of Wichita
Celia and Leonard Levand Trust
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
The Estate of Marjorie Page
Friends of the Wichita Public Library

$1,000 to $9,999

Craig and Lynette RauvolaBouta
Mary Eves
The Estate of Marge Setter
Wichita Public Schools

$100 to $999

Optimist Club of West Wichita
Tracy Hoover
Jae Pierce-Baba
Jane Murphy
Alvin D. Herrington
Barbara Jones
Bill and Donna Ard
Brian Blackerby
Brian and Emily Docking
Carolyn Grier
Christine Kubic
Clay Bastian
Judy Naylor
Lisa Quinn
Maggie Easton
Martha Charles
Martha Householder
Phillip Allen
Dave Gestenslager
Deanna and Dennis Zitterkopf
Lora and Don Barry
Patricia and Dwight Oxley
Eric and Debbie Larson
Greg Matthias
John Reiff
Stephen and Ann Starch
Rudolf Sauerwein

Up to $99

Helen Slutsky
Jane Schwartz
Janet Wesselowski
Jean Wayne
Jihyun Kim
Jill Bostwick
Alan Kennedy
Barbara Melzer
Alana Friedman
Annabelle O'Neal
Anne Mayle
Carol Taylor
Carolyn Mitchell
Claire Chesnit
Conrad Colahan-Sederstrom
Judith Eller
Judith Hall
Kenneth Brandis
Kenneth Shaw
Marty and Kent Shawver
Lynda Connell
Martha Bruce Fair
Michelle Hush
Nancy Ogle
Rachel Crane
Racine Zackula
Darrel Hart
David Arst
David Crane
Deanne Alexander
Dorothea Seymour
Florence Conner
Frederick Hansen
Gary Decker
Gerie Byrum
J.R. and Rhita Muci
Robert Dill
Sarah Feiertag
Sue Dondlinger
Susan Kadison
Suzanna Nguyen
Y. L. Ho


During 2012, the Foundation received memorial and tribute gifts recognizing the following individuals. We thank the families and friends who designated the Library Foundation as the recipient of such gifts.

In Honor of

Modena and Gary Wilson

Jeanine Hathaway

Betty Zajkowski

Cynthia Berner Harris

Sherryl Torres

Martin Eby

Jim Chipman

Danny Mulligan

Julie Linneman

Nancy and Roger Sherwood

In Memory of

Francis Brinegar

Cynthia Berner Harris

Kendall R. Durst Memorial Endowment

Jayne Nichols

Dorothy Shetlar

Cynthia Berner Harris

Carol J. Doherty Memorial Endowment

Jack and Carol Bates

Edward V. Marnett

Jane and Michael Rachel

Jake Euker

Jennifer Heinicke

Helen McCarthy "Grandmother" Hyde Memorial Endowment

Professor John Hyde

"Red" Hubbard

Cynthia Berner Harris

Betty Cohen

Andrea and Roy Berger
Doris Weller
Ellie Shore
Judith Gordon
Paula Van Andel
Leah and William Barnhard

Marge Setter

Diana Forshee
Daniel Setter
Cynthia Berner Harris
Susan McKnight
Leah Barnhard
Wichita Public Library Foundation

Bruce Cochener

Leah and William Barnhard

Dolores Hebert

Cynthia Berner Harris

Dwayne Graham

Cynthia Berner Harris

George Herdt

Cynthia Berner Harris

George Reha

Cynthia Berner Harris

Majorie Shoemaker

Cynthia Berner Harris

Sarah Pilver

Claudia Blackburn and Pat McGee

Wichita Public Library Foundation
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