Thank You To Our 2011 Donors 



Gifts $10,000 and above

City of Wichita
Celia and Leonard Levand Trust
The Estate of Dorothy Meinike
National Endowment for the Arts

$1,000 to $9,999

Michael and Carol Bates
Friends of the Wichita Public Library
Friends University
Kansas Health Foundation
Marian Teall Trust
Judy Naylor
USD 259 Wichita Public Schools
Wichita Genealogical Society
Wichita State University
K T Wiedemann Foundation
Wichita Community Foundation
Friends of the Wichita Public Library


$100 to $999

Don Barry
Martha Charles
Brian and Emily Docking
Mary Eves
Dave and Diane Gestenslager
Carolyn Grier
Alvin Herrington
Tracy Hoover
John Hyde
Barbara Jones
Eric and Debbie Larson
Millicent Li and Family
Greg and Suzanne Matthias
Mary Lynn Oliver
Dwight and Patricia Oxley
Winona Ponder
Yvonne and Jerry Riedl
Roger and Nancy Sherwood
Ann and Steve Starch

Up To $99

Suzie Ahlstrand
Deanne Alexander
David Arst
Roger and Sandra Atherton
Don and Jill Bostwick
Kenneth Brandis
Lynda Connell
Florence Connor
Lois Crane
Gary Decker
Robert and Gloria Dill
Alana Friedman
Judith Gordon
Judy Hall
Frederick Hansen
Michelle Hush
Liz Kennedy
Mary Louise Knightly
Youngseok Lee
Art Littell
Anne Mayle
Rhita Muci
Barry and Jane Murphy
Nancy Ogle
Annabelle O’Neil
Marjorie Phillips
Kenneth and Irene Shaw
Naomi Shields
Helen Slutsky
Vivian Smith
Dick Welsbacher
Deanna Zitterkopf

Memorial and Tribute Gifts

During 2011, the Foundation received memorial and tribute gifts recognizing the following individuals. We thank the families and friends who designated the Library Foundation as the recipient of such gifts.

In Memory of

Les Anderson

Cynthia Berner Harris

Alice Tanner Bacon

Cynthia Berner Harris

Chris Carrier

Cynthia Berner Harris

Rosemary Distifan

Jean Marchand

Shirley Jean Fairbanks

Gregory and Debra Ferris

Helen Johnston

Cynthia Berner Harris

Daniel D. Lingelbach

Cynthia Berner Harris

Edward V Marnett

Michael and Jane Rachel

Sarah Pilver

Claudia Blackburn and Family

Margaret Louise Roberts

Bill and Alta DeVore
GayLyn Grider
Intrust Bank
Marge Zakoura-Vaughan

Maurine Schroeder

Tammy Barscewski
Daryl and Linda Harper
Joyce and Charles Henry
Kathey Kirby
Betty Lietz
Jean Marchand
Evelyn Ottaway, Hal Ottaway and Sally Ottaway
Elizabeth and Stanley Plotner
Sharon Revell & Sara Loder
Wilma Richter
Marcia Schroeder
Monte Sontag
Walt Wattman
Ann Wessel

Mora Singh

Cynthia Berner Harris

In Honor of

Pauline Brizer

Annabelle O'Neil

Sherryl Torres

Martin Eby

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